Basic Aerial Mapping Service

Our basic mapping services always include multiple high resolution images of the property from an elevated point of view. Use your images to create a custom map of the property and much more! (More mapping services available soon!)

Agricultural Inspection Service

Our agricultural inspections can be a huge money saving tool. For decades, farmers have been using planes and sometimes helicopters to get that birds-eye view of their entire crop. Many used this info to locate trouble spots, and remedy them before it was too late.

Now, thanks to drone imaging, you can get that same view for a longer amount of time. This allows you to get the same information as that plane or helicopter, for a fraction of the cost! We can even include a high-definition video clip for future reference.

Building/Construction Inspection Service

Building inspections can be tricky, and sometimes almost impossible due to safety risks. We provide real time visual inspections through the on board camera and a remote viewing screen, as well as a 1080p video clip of the inspected area for future reference.

With remote camera operation, we are able to inspect virtually anything, anywhere. Special waivers from the FAA even allow us to inspect beyond visual line of sight, making our building and construction inspections fully customizable.

Maintenance Inspection Service

This service provides you with the ability to inspect the maintenance status or condition of a preexisting structure. This can be an exceptionally good tool to diagnose structural issues, before they ever become a problem.

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