Green Website Hosting Services

We offer full service website hosting and maintenance plans, from a one page restaurant site, to a large fully operational online retail store. Prices vary depending on your storage and maintenance needs so contact us for a free personalized quote! We do all of the work so that you can just watch your site drive in business.

One of the most unique things about our hosting services is that all of our servers are run on 300% wind energy. That means that for every single kWh that our servers use, 2 kWhs are fed back into the grid. This means that your website will actually have a negative carbon footprint! While it isn’t much, every initiative to save this planet and reduce pollution is worth it, large or small.

We provide 99% (or more) up-time, and full service technical support for all of our hosting customers during our normal business hours (M-F 9A-3P EST). Even though all of our servers are run on wind, they are just as fast or faster than others, utilizing solid state hard drives and much more. Let us help you have more time for your customers, by handling the time consuming hassle of hosting!

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